Getting Started with Digital Wallets

As technology evolves, so do fraud tactics. Americans lost almost $8.8 billion to fraud in 2022, and credit card fraud is still on the rise. Add an extra layer of protection to your payments with a digital wallet.

How It Works

With a digital wallet, pay from your phone and protect your card information. When you add your Rogue debit card to a digital wallet, a two-step process creates a secure placeholder for your card, keeping your information out of the wrong hands. 

First, encryption translates your card information into a unique code only accessible by authorized authorities. Tokenization then replaces that encrypted code with a placeholder token. A new token is generated for every transaction you make, and it can only be matched and processed by the business you’re paying. 

Skip the Card Skimmer

When encryption and tokenization are used together, information like your card number is unreadable and inaccessible. This makes digital wallets a more secure payment option, as your actual card information is unknown and unavailable to would-be thieves.

Paying with your phone–instead of with the swipe or tap of your card–also avoids card skimmers, which malicious actors attach to card readers to steal information from the magnetic strip on your card. 

How to Pay

To pay with a card in your digital wallet, hold your phone near the card reader. Your phone will then prompt you to authorize the transaction. To do so with Apple Pay, double click the side button on your phone. For Google Pay, unlock your phone. In either case, a check mark will pop up when the transaction goes through.

Requiring authorization of your purchases through authentication of your identity–whether through facial recognition, a fingerprint scan or password protection–is an additional layer of security.

Same Benefits, More Security 

With digital wallets, keep your card benefits while enjoying additional layers of protection. If you love Save the Change or have a favorite cash back perk, don’t worry. Those features won’t be impacted by adding your Rogue debit or credit card to a digital wallet. 

Good Things Take Time

Digital wallets are growing in popularity, but some businesses may still be incorporating them into their payment systems. Look for the contactless payment symbol on the card reader to check if digital payments are accepted. Quick tip: Carry an alternative payment method as a back-up.

Getting Started

To get started with a digital wallet, upload your Rogue debit card to Apple Pay (for iPhone users) or Google Pay (for Android users). If you have multiple cards in your digital wallet, be sure to set your Rogue debit card as your default payment option.

Remember never give out your card numbers or share your personal information with sites, vendors or people you don’t know. It’s also smart to review your statements and transaction history regularly to look for transactions you didn’t make.

At Rogue, we take the safety and security of our members’ accounts very seriously. If you have any questions or suspect fraudulent activity on your accounts, we’re here to help. Give us a call at 800.856.7328, chat with us online or stop by your local branch.


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