Money Maker


Flexibility and Dividends – That’s Rogue’s Money Maker Account

When it comes to saving, the Rogue Money Maker Account is a smart decision. It pays you dividends without a long-term obligation, and gives you access to your funds through the ability of writing checks.

Money Maker

With a Money Maker Account, your money is constantly growing and moving forward, and your funds are always within easy reach. Along with being able to write checks, you’ll also be earning competitive dividends to help you reach your financial goals.

  • Just $2,000 minimum balance to avoid a $10 monthly fee
  • Make up to 6 electronic or check withdrawals per month
  • Ability to make deposits and withdrawals
  • Competitive rates mean your money will multiply faster
  • Tiered rates ensure that as your balance grows, so do your dividends
  • Money is re-invested locally to help the local economy

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