A Rogue Checking Account Keeps More Money in Your Pocket

With fewer, lower or even no fees for our members, a Rogue Checking Account makes Dollars and Sense.


Opening a Rogue Regular Checking Account is a smart way to support our local communities.

With a Super Checking Account, you'll earn dividends on your money! This account has all the benefits of Rogue's regular checking, and is a great fit for members who have higher balances and want the convenience of access to their funds. Check out today's rates below.
$1,000 minimum balance is required to avoid a monthly service fee. 

It also keeps more money in your pocket with fewer, lower, or even no fees for participating and premier members. You can also be sure that you will receive helpful, friendly service over the phone or at any one of our many branches across Southern Oregon. Most importantly, a checking account at Rogue makes a positive impact in Southern Oregon by supporting our local economy. Plus, you’ll enjoy these great features:

  • Mobile Account Alerts
  • Free Debit Card
  • Online and Mobile Banking
  • Bill Pay
  • Access to over 30,000 ATMs

Options to Avoid a $5 Participation Fee:

  • Be a Member for More than 10 years
  • Have $500 or More in Combined Deposits (Average Daily Balance on Deposits)
  • Have an Active Checking Account (Direct Deposit into a Checking Account and Online Statements)
  • Have a Current or Paid-Off Loan
  • Be Under the Age of 25
  • Have a Portfolio with Rogue Investment Services

If at least one of the above options are not met after three months of membership, a $5 Participation Fee will be deducted monthly. Only required to meet one participation option per membership.

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Rogue Credit Union Debit Card

Carrying a Rogue Debit Card allows you to show your Southern Oregon pride everywhere you shop. You can choose from several stunning images for your own Rogue Debit Card, including Mt. Ashland in winter, the rushing Rogue River, the heights of Mt. McLaughlin, and the grandeur of Crater Lake. When you use your Rogue Debit Card, you’ll be proud that you’re part of something local. 

Your Rogue Debit Card:

  • Automatically debits your checking account when you make purchases
  • Offers the ability to withdraw cash from ATMs, worldwide
  • Is accepted everywhere VISA® is accepted
  • Can save money to your high-yield Ownership Account when you participate in Save the Change from Rogue Rewards

Verified By VISA®

We offer the extra protection of Verified by VISA® to put you in control when shopping online. Register your VISA® Debit card and create a private password to provide an extra layer of protection to your Rogue Debit Card.

Automatic payments just got easier!

When you use your Rogue Credit Union VISA® debit card for things like bill payments and online purchases, we can help update it automatically if your saved payment info changes. And, if your card is re-issued, you may not have to update your payment info with each biller and merchant where you have it saved.*

  • Skip the hassles of re-entering or resubmitting your payment info
  •  Avoid declined payments and service interruptions
  •  Count on Rogue to keep your card info secure

It’s just one more reason your Rogue VISA® debit card is the easy way to pay for everything, from your morning coffee to your monthly cable bill. The Rogue VISA® Debit Card makes it simple. For faster, easier payments, save your Rogue VISA® debit card with billers and merchants today.

If you'd like to opt-out of this service, just give us a call at 800.856.7328 

*Not all merchants participate in automatic updates. Updates are not guaranteed before the next billing cycle.

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Check Re-Ordering

Rogue Credit Union offers two convenient ways for you to order checks. Typically, checks arrive within 10 business days. If you need a few checks until your order arrives, just stop on by a local branch and we will happily print a small amount for you! 

Order Online:

Once you have logged into online banking, hover over the “Additional Services,” tab, and select “Reorder New Checks,” from the drop down list. Once you click this tab, a new window will open and you will be able to select the account for which you would like to order check. Press “Continue,” after you have selected the account you wish to order for, and you will be taken to our check ordering page.  

Order by Phone:

You are always welcome to order checks by phone. Just give one of our friendly Member Service Representatives a call at 800.856.7328. We are always happy to assist you.

Participation At Rogue

Rogue Credit Union rewards member-owners who actively participate in the credit union. Your participation will waive the $5 monthly service fee.

Participation Options

  • Maintain a combined deposit and loan balance of $500
  • Checking Account with Direct Deposit and Online Statements
  • Current or paid off loan
  • Under the age of 25
  • Member for 10 years or more
  • Portfolio with Rogue Investment Services