Earn More on Your Savings

Take advantage of rising interest rates and flexible terms.


Earn a higher dividend on your savings with a Rogue Credit Union Certificate. With a Certificate, you deposit your savings for a fixed term of 6-72 months and earn a higher APY* than our standard Savings Accounts. The more you save, the more dividends you'll earn!

  • No fees
  • Minimum deposit of $100; no maximum deposit
  • Dividends compound monthly


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Special Offer – 14-Month Certificate at 3.82% APY**

Stash your cash and earn more on your savings! For a limited time, open a 14-month Certificate and earn 3.82% APY. Certificates have the option to roll over into Rogue's standard 12-month Certificate at the end of the term. Available for Consumer, Consumer IRA, and Business Certificates.

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Special Offer – No-Penalty 6-Month Certificate

Lock in a great rate with a no-penalty Certificate! For a limited time, open a 6-month Certificate and earn 2.53% APY. If you need to withdraw funds early, you can do so once during the term with no penalty.**

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Bump Rate Certificate

Rogue Credit Union’s Bump Rate Certificate is a unique type of Certificate that allows you to take advantage of rising interest rates. If the Bump Rate Certificate’s rate increases during the term, you are allowed to increase the rate of your Bump Rate Certificate to match. You’re able to increase the rate once during the term.

Rogue’s current offering is a 30-month Bump Rate Certificate at 2.78% APY** with a $500 minimum. 

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Savings Account vs. Certificate

Savings Accounts and Certificates each come with their own set of benefits and drawbacks. Which account you choose to save money in should depend on your goals.

With a Rogue Savings Account, you can make deposits, withdrawals or transfers at any time. Savings Accounts also tend to have a lower APY, which is why opening a Certificate might be helpful. If you have some savings that you won't need for a while, a Certificate is a safe place to deposit your money while allowing it to grow faster due to a higher APY. 

A Savings Account is a great place to save money you're actively using for transfer or withdrawals, or money you plan to use soon or in case of emergency. A Certificate is best for saving for longer-term goals with money you don't immediately need access tom such as a care you don't plan to buy for another few years. 

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*APY= Annual Percentage Yield

**APY = Annual Percentage Yield. Rates may change on variable rate accounts after the account is opened. Minimum deposit $500 to open and maintain APY. Fees could reduce earnings. At maturity, 14-month certificate will automatically convert to a 12-month certificate unless redeemed prior to 10-day grace period. For 6-month certificate, member is allowed one penalty-free early withdrawal of funds during the term. Cannot add to the certificate during the term. Available on Personal, Business, and IRA Certificates. This offer ends June 30, 2023. Bump Rate CD currently features a Rate Increase Option that allows you to increase your interest rate and Annual Percentage Yield (APY) one time during the term of the CD if our applicable interest rates increase during the CD term. If you have any questions or require current rate information on your accounts, please contact us at 800.856.7328.