About Rogue

Living, Giving and Supporting Local Since 1956

At Rogue, what’s most important is not our assets, but giving back to our members.

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Beginning in 1956, a group of ten local teachers gathered together to form a credit union designed to serve their member-owners and their community. Today, Rogue Credit Union has grown to a financial cooperative with branches across Oregon and Western Idaho. Today, we serve over 175,000 members with an asset base of nearly $3 billion. But what's most important is not our assets, but holding true to our DNA by giving back to our members and our communities.


Rogue Credit Union, and all credit unions, are member-owned, not-for-profit financial cooperatives dedicated to serving their members and making a positive impact on their communities. Rogue Credit Union is a democratically-controlled cooperative, overseen by a highly-qualified and committed Board of Directors.


The Executive Team at Rogue Credit Union is comprised of award-winning executives who have a passion for service. You can see their commitment to our communities through the exceptional service our team members give, the valuable products we offer, and the way we support local businesses.

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The Supervisory Committee is an oversight audit committee appointed by the Board of Directors. During the year, the Supervisory Committee holds regular meetings with Rogue Credit Union’s Internal Auditors to ensure the safety and soundness of your credit union.

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As an owner of Rogue Credit Union, you have access to the financial statements of your credit union. Click below for access to the annual financial statements for the past several years.