Rogue Ownership Accounts

Rewarding Our Member-Owners in Tangible Ways

The current rate for your high-yield Ownership Account is 6.17 APY.*

Ownership Account

Every membership begins with a high-yield Ownership Account. This account is our way to give back to YOU, our member-owners, and award you for your participation at the credit union! The current rate for this account is 6.17% APY.*

Funds can be deposited into your Ownership Account through our Rogue Rewards Loyalty Programs. They can also be transferred out of your Ownership Account into one of your other accounts when you’re ready to use the money. 

How do I add money to my Ownership Account?

What are the benefits of the Ownership Account?

Can my Ownership Account have a joint owner?

What is the APY of the Ownership Account?

What are the limitations of the Ownership Account?