When You’re a Member, You’re an Owner

Rewarding Our Member-Owners in Tangible Ways

The current rate for your high-yield Ownership Account is 4.07% APY.*

Ownership Account

As a way to reward members for their participation at Rogue, we’ve established a high-yield Ownership Account for every member, into which we deposit their Rogue Rewards. The current rate for this account is 4.07% APY.*

The Ownership Account was specifically designed to reward YOU, our loyal member-owner for your participation at Rogue. Enroll in Rogue Rewards Benefit Programs like Save the Change or Dividend Max to earn funds into your high-yield Ownership Account, where you can watch them grow.

How do I add money to my Ownership Account?

What are the benefits of the Ownership Account?

Can my Ownership Account have a joint owner?

What is the APY of the Ownership Account?

What are the limitations of the Ownership Account?