5 Tips for Saving Money on Your Next Vacation

Learn more travel hacks in this video!


Search for flights on incognito mode

If you’re checking flight prices multiple times, always clear your web browser cache or use incognito mode to make sure you see the lowest prices. Some airline websites will track your browsing history and show repeat visitors a different price to create a sense of urgency and charge more.


Be flexible

If you book your trip on less popular days or are open to a variety of destinations, you can take a fabulous trip for a lot less money. For example, flying out on a Thursday instead of a Friday or staying at hotels mid-week instead of the weekend could save you hundreds of dollars.

Research Transportation

Depending on your destination, there may be multiple ways to get around. Some cities offer ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft, while others have rentable bikes or scooters. Before you go on your trip, research how you’ll get to and from the hotel, restaurants and attractions. If everything you plan to do is close by, you may even be able to cut costs by walking everywhere! 


Bring Cash

From tipping hotel staff to dining at a restaurant that’s cash-only, it’s good to have a few bucks in your pocket. The fees at currency exchange kiosks in airports are usually higher than what you’ll get from your financial institution or an ATM, so plan ahead for how you’ll exchange your money if you’re traveling abroad. When you leave your hotel for the day, carry enough cash to cover the day’s expenses but not so much that you become a target for prying eyes. Money belts can help keep you and your money safe.

Bring a Backup Card

Whether your card is stolen or unexpectedly gets declined, it’s good to have a backup card to keep the vacation going. If your original card is lost or stolen, you can shut it off and still have access to your funds through the emergency card. If traveling abroad, a money belt or wallet with RFID protection can help your card numbers from being stolen in the first place.