10 Money Saving Tips for Travel

Travel tips

10 Tips for Saving Money on Your Next Vacation

  1. Travel alerts. Sign up for travel alerts from sites like Skyscanner, The Flight Deal or Scott’s Cheap Flights to help you find the best deals out there.


  2. Be flexible. The more flexible you are on your travel dates, destination, and preferred airport, the more money you can save.


  3. Book wisely to take less time off. By booking a midweek flight, you can enjoy a longer vacation and take less days off from work.


  4. Don’t be tricked by budget airfare. If you see a deal that is too good to be true, it probably is! Budget airlines often charge high fees for anything extra including seat selection, checked bags and sometimes even carry-ons!


  5. Be creative with your ticket. Add in an extra stop or book two one-way tickets instead of one round-trip ticket.


  6. Try using an unlocked phone. If you have a cell phone that is unlocked, you can purchase a SIM card in the country you are visiting to get cheap minutes and data during your stay. This is a great way to avoid outrageous roaming fees!


  7. Set up automated travel savings. Instead of incurring the big cost of traveling all at once or even worse, putting it on a credit card, save along the way. By setting up automated transfers to a travel specific savings accounts, you can build up your travel fund every paycheck!


  8. Use apps to call/text back home. By using apps like WhatApp and Skype, you can chat with family members back home for little or no cost.


  9. Withdrawal from an ATM instead of exchanging cash. Your financial institution often has the best exchange rates, so consider withdrawing money straight from the ATM. Also, if you are a credit union member, you can use one of the 30,000 Co-op ATMs nationwide! Just look for the symbol.


  10. Save on rental car insurance by using your credit card. Many credit cards offer secondary or even primary car insurance when you rent a car. This is can save you a bundle by not having to purchase additional rental insurance.