Potential Fraud Activity

What To Do If You Suspect Unemployment Fraud: 

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, unemployment claims are skyrocketing as businesses have been forced to lay off or furlough employees. Unfortunately, scammers are trying to profit from this situation, and this is hitting many states across the nation. We’ve put together steps on what you can do if you suspect this type of fraud has been committed under your name.


If you have received deposited funds into your account that you weren't expecting contact us immediately as you could be responsible for spending funds that weren't yours.

Victims of unemployment fraud have received troubling letters (IE- Wage Review forms) from their state’s Employment Security Commission. These can be mailed directly to their home address or received through the human resources office at their place of work. Some victims have also received unemployment payment cards in their name (that look like a debit or credit card). 


  1. Alert your employer(s) immediately.
  2. Call your state’s Unemployment fraud department.
  3. Contact your local police department to determine if you should file a fraud report.
  4. Fill out an Unemployment Fraud Form with your state’s Attorney General’s office.
  5. Next, contact the three major credit bureaus, Experian, Transunion and Equifax, since the breach involves social security numbers, birth dates and other personal information. If you are not planning to make a major purchase in the next 6 months, consider putting a freeze on your credit to further protect your identity and financial health.
  6. Contact Rogue Credit Union, or your primary financial institution, to let them know.

There is a large uptick in fraudulent activity nation wide due to the distribution of stimulus and unemployment checks. If in doubt of the legitimacy of a deposit or check, please give us a call at 800.856.7328 and we are happy to assist you with your questions.