Stronger Together


We are excited to share that Rogue Credit Union and Malheur Federal Credit Union intend to partner together. This is exciting news! It is also sure to generate a lot of questions that we hope to address here and in the coming months. There is still significant due diligence to be done, agreements to establish, regulatory approval to be granted, and an official approval by Malheur members through a membership vote that will need to take place for this to become official. 


What has occurred? 

  • After careful consideration, Malheur Federal Credit Union has decided that it is in the best long-term interest of their staff and members to seek a merger partner. Malheur has been very successful and is in a strong financial position. This allowed Malheur to have several merger partner options.
  • As part of Malheur’s process, Rogue was approached and asked to complete a Request for Proposal (RFP) to consider a merger between the two credit unions. Rogue completed this RFP and submitted it to Malheur in April 2020.
  • The Boards and Leadership Teams of both organizations engaged in discussions and careful review of the compatibility of organizational missions, cultures, and finances. On May 21, 2020 Malheur formally selected Rogue as their best merger partner. Subsequently, the two organizations have mutually adopted a “letter of intent to merge”.

What are the benefits of this merger? 

  • A merger will enable both credit unions to grow to serve an expanded field of membership and be stronger together.
    • Rogue has over 20 branches located across Southern Oregon.
    • Malheur has 5 branches located in Eastern Oregon and Western Idaho.
  • Additional products and services will be available for Malheur members like Rogue Rewards (including the Ownership Account), expanded commercial lending, investment services and more. 
  • Members of both credit unions will have access to credit union services in new communities.
  • Our communities are similar, which will create synergies between the two credit unions.
  • Both credit unions have talented and dedicated team members. Combining these teams will create significant synergies and capabilities that are far beyond what could be done separately.
  • The combined credit union will have greater economies of scale and an even stronger financial condition than they did separately.
  • The combined credit unions will have local Board members that are invested in the communities we serve. Decisions for our credit union will not be made in some other big city, they will be made by people that live and work in Southern and Eastern Oregon and Western Idaho.

How is this different than a bank buyout?

  • Unlike a bank buyout, a credit union partnership is a collaboration between two credit unions seeking to combine financial resources and expertise for the sole purpose of providing members with expanded services. We are excited to provide these additional benefits to you.

What does this mean for jobs of Rogue staff?

  • All team members in good standing at both organizations will keep their jobs. Some roles may change over time based on the needs of the combined organization. 

Will you be hiring more staff to support the growth? 

  • We do not anticipate a significant hiring effort as a result of this merger. Given that we are retaining employment for all staff in good standing, we anticipate this will cover the majority of our staffing needs. Of course, we will continue to review and expand staffing in key areas as needed due to our growing credit union. 

What is the timeline and next steps? 

  • Both credit unions are engaged in the due diligence process now. This includes a deep dive into cultures, financial reports, process, loan files, organization structures and more. After due diligence is completed, both credit unions will need to agree that the merger should continue. 
  • A merger application will be submitted to state and federal regulators for approval after due diligence is completed. 
  • The official merger will likely be completed on December 31, 2020. However, those details still need to be worked out.

Will Rogue members have the opportunity to vote as well?

  • No, it is not a requirement of the acquiring credit union to seek a vote from it’s members. As always, if you have any questions, we would love to hear from you. Please send any comments or questions to

What does this mean for Rogue Credit Union members? 

  • For Rogue members, this means an expanded field of membership across a greater portion of Oregon and into Western Idaho. We do not anticipate any interruption in service for either membership. If something does come up, we will be sure to communicate this well in advance. 

Will Rogue’s headquarters move when the merger is complete?

  • No, Rogue will continue to remain headquartered in Medford, Oregon just as it has been since 1956. 

Will members have new fees because of the merger? 

  • At this time, Rogue does not anticipate any new fees as a result of the merger. Our fee structure is reviewed regularly and adjusted based on what is in the best interest of our members and the credit union.

What does this mean for deposit rates? 

  • This merger has no impact on deposit rates. Deposit rates are impacted by competitive forces in the market place. The cost of a merger, branches and buildings are not being paid for by withholding dividends from our members. In fact, this investment in regional expansion and facilities allows us to grow deposits faster than if we would have limited to our original branch footprint. Without the growth of branches to meet our members' demand for loans, deposit rates could be even lower than they are now.
  • Deposit rates are a small part of the whole value that Rogue returns to its membership. As a cooperative, members join together to ensure that all members have access to:
    • Lower fees and better loan rates
    • Ownership Account and the Rogue Rewards Loyalty Program
    • Community Sponsorship and Support
    • Family wage jobs
    • In-person financial services, counseling
    • Personalized service

How will you support me in this community if we are in another state? 

  • Rogue remains committed to serving our members across all our communities. Our team structure allows us to evaluate each regions unique and specific needs whether it be in terms of lending, deposits, community involvement and so much more.
  • All our members have always been our focus and will continue to be our focus going forward. Doing what’s right for our members is at the heart of every decision we make here at Rogue. 


Where is Malheur Federal Credit Union headquartered?

  • Malheur Federal Credit Union is headquartered in Ontario, Oregon, which is on the Oregon and Idaho border.

Where are Malheur Federal Credit Union locations? 

  • Malheur has 5 locations in Eastern Oregon and Western Idaho.

How long have they been around?

  • Malheur began as a teachers' credit union in 1957 and today serves over 14,000 members with assets of over $160 million. 

Are they safe and secure?

  • Yes! Malheur is a healthy credit union with $160 million in assets. They are federally insured with the NCUA and have a Net Worth Ratio of 9.94%.

Why does Malheur want to embark on this merger?

  • After careful consideration the Board of Malheur determined that the best way to provide their members the service and value they deserve was to join with a community focused credit union that has the resources necessary to provide the technology and value their members desire. This includes services such as expanded commercial lending, investment services, and expanded digital offerings. They are also seeking the resources that larger credit unions enjoy such as stronger information security, compliance tools, and more robust employee development opportunities.