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Rogue Finances - This class is targeted towards adults and covers budgeting, paying down your debt, saving for retirement and ways to raise your credit score.

Your Money, Your Future - This series is broken into six units that can be taught together or separately. Units include: Budget Like a Boss, Game of Loans: Credit and Debt, Identity Theft, Planning for the Future: Insurance, Savings and Investing, Taxes, and Ways to Pay and How to Track it.

Adulting 101 - This class is meant for new college student or high school seniors. It can be adapted to be 60 or 45 minutes and covers budgeting, credit in college, student loans, paying off debt, living expenses, insurance, identity theft and money saving hacks.

Senior Seminar - This class combines Your Money, Your Future and Adulting 101 into a cohesive course that can be taught over 5 class periods.