3 Steps to Create an Emergency Communication Plan

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3 steps to a communication plan

Three Steps for Creating an Emergency Communication Plan


  1. Collect Important Contact Information
    1. Phone numbers for everyone in the household.
    2. Email addresses for everyone in the household in case the phone service is unavailable.
    3. Contact info for a friend or family member that lives out-of-town.
    4. Phone numbers for emergency services such as medical providers or veterinarians.


  2. Create Emergency Plans for Different Locations
    1. Create an emergency plan for common locations like school, childcare, work and home.
    2. How will you contact one another?
    3. How will you meet up with your family (driving, walking, who will pick up the children)?
    4. Where will you meet inside the neighborhood? Outside of the neighborhood? Outside of your town?


  3. Share the Plan With Your Family
    1. Make sure everyone in your family is aware of the communication plan.
    2. Make copies for each member of the family to carry in their wallet, purse or backpack. Post a copy in your home.
    3. Enter emergency phone numbers into all family members’ mobile phones.
    4. Review and update the plan at least once per year.