Rogue Rangers

Rogue Rangers

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Rogue Rangers: We're wild about helping kids with money.

At Rogue Credit Union, we are dedicated to making learning about money as fun as possible. Our Rogue Rangers Kids Club has been specifically designed to teach kids, ranging in ages from birth to 11 years old, about spending money wisely, saving for important goals and giving generously.

wally the wolf, sammy the squirrel and ollie the owl

The Rogue Rangers all live in the forest in and around Southern Oregon, where they work at the “Wilderness Branch” of Rogue Credit Union. They enjoy helping all of the members in the forest community, but they especially love teaching kids important lessons about money.

Here are just a few benefits of being a Rogue Rangers Kids Club Member:

  • Rewards - Each time you make a deposit of $1 or more, we’ll credit your punch card. For every 5 punches, you’ll receive a fun prize!

  • Quarterly Branch Activities – Stop by a branch and participate in our quarterly Rogue Rangers activities to earn special prizes!

  • Special Gifts - Upon opening of a Rogue Rangers Kids Club account you'll receive your very own membership card, deposit punch card and other fun goodies!

  • Birthday Treats – You’ll receive a special birthday postcard from the Rogue Rangers that can be redeemed for a prize at your local branch.

  • Rogue Ranger Badge Program – When you spend wisely for the things you need, save for your goals and give to worthy causes, you can earn a cool Ranger Badge to wear proudly! Plus, earn $5 into your Ownership Account when you complete all three challenges!

Being a member of the Rogue Rangers Kids Club is fun and educational! If you’re interested in learning more about the Rogue Rangers Kids Club, please stop by any of our local branches or call 800.856.7328. Get ready to Spend Wisely, Save Smartly and Give Generously – with the Rogue Rangers!

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