Money Management

Track All Your Finances with Rogue Credit Union's Online Banking

Now when you log in to your Online Banking account on either a desktop or a mobile device, you have access to a new Money Management system. A quick and simple way to see an overview of all your accounts, spending habits, and set budgets all in one place

How to Start with Money Management

Starting Money Management just takes a few minutes and is already integrated into your Online Banking.

  • Log in to your online banking, click the menu option on the top right (expand mobile menu on mobile).
  • Accept the Terms and Conditions
  • You are all set!

It may take a few moments for the system to process all your accounts with Rogue Credit Union and generate a budget and spending analysis.

Adding Outside Accounts to Money Management

The Money Management system is a simple and intuitive way to access a holistic overview of your financial health.

Import information from your accounts at other financial institutions to track your entire financial life in one location!

Here's how:

Step 1:

Simply click the “Add an Account” button at the top right on the Accounts page to get started.

add account button


Step 2:

You will then be asked to select your financial institution.

add account options


Step 3:

You will be asked to log in to that financial institution's website. Don’t worry, your login information will never be shared and will only be used to establish a secure connection between Money Management and that financial institution.


add account login


After entering in your credentials it may take a while for the account details to populate in your Money Management. Once an outside account has been added, you will see the account details aggregated into your budgets and spending analysis.


Create a Budget and a Debt Repayment Plan


You can create a budget and track your spending by clicking on the “Budgets” tab. The Money Management system automatically creates a budget for you based on past spending. If you would like to adjust your budget or create a new budget item, simply click on the “Add New Budget” link at the top right of the Budgets page.

set budget button


Debt Repayment

After importing all your outside accounts, go to the Debt page to see how long it will take to pay off your current debt and even explore different repayment strategies that may save time and money.

Click on the pull down menu at the top left of the screen for all the repayment options. 

debt repayment timeline button


There are many other tools the Money Management system has to offer. Take a look around and see what useful tools you can find. You can click on the question mark at the top right side of the screen to learn more about specific tools in Money Management or to reach out to Money Management support.

settings location


Rogue Credit Union is working hard to provide an exceptional digital experience for you by providing the tools you need to stay on top of your finances.