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These are just 6 of the great benefits of ownership you receive
as a member-owner at Rogue Credit Union.

Member focused solutions

We’re here for people, not profits. Each and every decision at Rogue
is made with our members in mind.

Financial eduation

Helping members make smart financial decisions, at every age
and life stage.

Click Here to check out our Financial Education resources.

personalized service

Personalized service is what makes Rogue so different from other financial institutions. Read what one of our loyal member-owners
had to say about their experiences:

“At Rogue, I'm not just a number, but a part of a big family. I am always greeted like you are happy to see me. I love being part of something much bigger than just me.”
-Eagle Point Member

living giving and supporting local

We believe in giving back to the communities we serve. In 2016, Rogue employees volunteered over 11,000 in our local communities. Rogue also gave back over $200,000 through donations and sponsorships, right here in Southern Oregon. Click here for a list of organizations that have benefited from these funds.

Profits are returned to our member-owners

Profits are returned in the form of better rates and lower fees.
In 2016, the average member saved $66 and the average household saved $125 by doing business with Rogue. On average members save 15% on mortgage closing costs and 30% on auto loans.

people helping people

When you do business at Rogue, your deposits actually go to work and provide the funding for another member to get a loan. At Rogue, people helping people keep the gears turning.