Overdraft Protection

Overdraft Protection

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There’s nothing like peace of mind, knowing that you’re covered.  Rogue Credit Union offers ways to link Overdraft Protection to your checking accounts. With a  Line of Credit or a Visa Credit Card you can rest easy knowing that your accounts are safe from overdraft fees and bounced checks.  We don't charge you a fee for transferring money from your overdraft protection source to your checking, you only pay the small amount in interest that accrues on your line of credit or Visa for the time you have a balance.  

Unexpected expenses come up. That's where we can help. When life throws you a surprise, such as an unexpected major car repair, a necessary but unplanned medical expense, or any time you find yourself short of cash at an important moment protect yourself and save money with an overdraft protection loan.

Automatically link one of the following accounts to provide Overdraft Protection for your checking account.

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