Money Mammals - Ages 0-11

Money Mammals - Ages 0-11

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Teaching Kids to Share, Save, and Spend Smart!

At Rogue Credit Union, we are dedicated to keeping financial learning for kids as fun as possible. Offering a great learning program, the Money Mammals "Saving Money is Fun" Program is geared to meet kids ages 0-11 at their level of learning. The Money Mammals teach great lessons regarding deposits, saving, earning dividends and more! The Money Mammals have a host of tools including helpful reading materials, newsletters and fun online games just for kids! 

Rogue Credit Union offers accounts that have great perks for kids:

  • No account opening fee
  • No minimum balance to earn dividends
  • No monthly service charge

Learn to Save with Great Rates for young kids.

Small Savers 12-Month Certificates:

For wise kids who are serious savers. Once your child or grandchild has saved $100 or more in their regular Money Mammals account, they can invest in a Small Savers 12-month Certificate. This certificate allows your child to earn a higher yield in dividends and they can add a minimum of $100 into the certificate as often as they like.

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