Recovery from Identity Theft

What to do if you are a victim of identity theft

If you think you have been a victim of identity theft, follow these steps:

Immediate Steps

  1. Contact the institution where fraud occurred. Consider closing the affected account and freezing your credit.


  2. Place a fraud alert with the credit bureaus.
  3. Report identity theft to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). Visit or call 877-438-4338


  4. File a police report with your local police department.


Next steps

  • Close all fraudulent accounts opened in your name.
  • Call and remove fraudulent charges from your accounts.
  • Correct any errors on your credit report.
  • Replace all cards and ids that were affected by fraud.
  • Clear up any criminal charges committed by an impostor.


Make sure you keep thorough record throughout this process that includes the date, time, and name of the person you talked to. Also, make sure to keep any letters and emails you send or receive.