How to Repair Your Credit

Rebuilding Credit Graphic

Steps to Repair Your Credit Score


  1. Check your credit report for negative information at . Make judgments, liens and garnishments your top priority.


  2. Some negative information on your credit report can only heal with time:
    • Credit Inquiry: 2 years
    • Late Payment: 7 years
    • Charge-offs: 7 years
    • Foreclosure: 7 years
    • Repossession: 7 years
    • Chapter 13 bankruptcy: 7 years
    • Chapter 7 bankruptcy: 10 years


  3. Practice healthy credit habits on your current accounts if you have any.
    • Pay all of your accounts on time, every time!
    • Pay down your credit cards so that your owed balance is no more than 30% of the card limit.


  4. If you don’t have a credit account, consider the following tools:
  • Secured Credit Card:
    • “Secured” by a cash deposit locked in your savings account.
    • Can usually get with a low credit score.
  • Rogue’s Credit Builder Loan:
    • You are extended a loan, proceeds are held in a locked savings account.
    • When loan is repaid, you receive the loan proceeds and are invited to apply for an unsecured Visa Classic.