Credit Unions as Co-ops

At Rogue, we talk a lot about the credit union difference. But what does that really mean? As a credit union, Rogue is different from other financial institutions, and that helps create the credit union difference. Rogue Credit Union is a member-focused financial cooperative. Your membership contributes directly to the economic growth, sustainability and prosperity of the local communities we share.

The Difference Between Credit Unions and Banks

Credit Unions, a type of cooperative or co-op, are not-for-profit and made up of member-owners. This is very different from banks, which are for-profit corporations owned by stockholders. Because banks are owned by stockholders, who may or may not be customers, greater risks are often taken at the expense of the customer. Any profits made from those risks are usually returned to the stockholder, not the customer. As a credit union, however, our priority is safety, security and value for our member-owners. Profits are returned to members in the form of better rates and fewer fees.

Your Cooperative in Your Community

Another part of the credit union difference is the importance we place on living, giving and supporting local. At Rogue, we know the importance of your cooperative being active in your community. So, we give back to the communities we share through volunteering and charitable donations. We also provide financial education.

To learn more about what it means to be a member-owner of your credit union, watch this video!