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What is Rogue Rewards?

Rogue Rewards is a program designed to thank and reward you, our member-owner, for your loyalty and participation with the credit union. The Rogue Rewards Loyalty Dividend is just the beginning - keep your eyes out for other Rogue Rewards programs rolling out this year.

How do I increase the chances that I will earn a Rogue Rewards Loyalty Dividend in the future?

The more our member-owners participate with Rogue through loans, deposits, and transactions, the more likely they will earn a Rogue Rewards Loyalty Dividend payout in the future. The Rogue Rewards Loyalty Dividend is approved by the Board of Directors, and will be subject to Rogue’s net worth. No Rogue Rewards Loyalty Dividends are ever guaranteed, but the more our member-owners participate, the greater the financial strength of the credit union and likelihood of future Rogue Rewards Loyalty Dividend payouts.

How do I increase my participation?

Your participation is a measure of doing business with Rogue. This means the more loans, deposits and transactions you do with Rogue, the greater your participation will be. This can be as simple as using your debit card at the grocery store, having an auto loan or even depositing your paycheck at Rogue.

How is Rogue Rewards mutually beneficial for members of the credit union?

We are rewarding our members for their active involvement in the credit union, which in turn will encourage additional member participation. When members participate, it contributes to the financial strength of the cooperative. The greater the participation, the stronger the credit union and the more we can reward our members.

Why can’t you just pay me more interest on my other accounts?

Deposit and loan rates are primarily driven by the national economy and are essentially set by the government.  At Rogue, we monitor our rates closely to ensure we consistently are offering our members better than most any rate they can find in the local market.The Rogue Rewards Loyalty Dividend payout and dollar amount is based on how well the cooperative is doing financially. We are sharing our success with our member-owners that have made us successful!This account has been specially designed to reward our member-owners for their participation in the credit union.

What is the Credit Union Difference?

As a not-for-profit financial cooperative, Rogue Credit Union exists to serve the needs of our member-owners, right here in Southern Oregon. Since 1956, Rogue has been living, giving, and supporting local. At Rogue, we are committed to giving back and making a difference in our communities.

What is a Co-op?

A cooperative, or co-op, exists to serve the needs of its members. What makes a co-op unique is that the members are also the owners. Rogue Credit Union, and all credit unions, were founded as not-for-profit financial cooperatives with the idea that together, we are stronger. The result is that member-owners are provided with a safe, convenient place for their financial needs, at an institution that exists to serve the members, not the profits.