Community Builders - It's a Volunteer Thing!

Community Builders - It's a Volunteer Thing!

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Rogue Federal was founded on the desire to make our community a better place to live. The original group of teachers that started the credit union back in 1956 knew that together they were better. With an "anything is possible spirit" the credit union started in a pencil box, then grew into a living room, and ultimately took over the garage at the Johnston residence. Rogue Federal came into being and grew with the selfless contributions of a few dedicated individuals that sacrificed their personal time, talents, and treasures to ensure Southern Oregon had a reliable financial option. The following quote best exemplifies the dedication of the original and current volunteer Board at Rogue Federal, “Volunteers don't get paid, not because they're worthless, but because they're priceless.” ~ Sherry Anderson

I am fortunate to serve a volunteer Board of Directors that dedicate countless hours of their personal time to ensure that Rogue Federal is safe, sound, and dedicated to meeting the needs of our members. The greatest reward for them is when we recognize the community heroes that make Southern Oregon a better place to live. So, each year at our Annual Meeting, our celebration of the the credit union difference, we recognize the folks that are tirelessly dedicating themselves to make Southern Oregon a better place to live.

With almost 50 nominations, it was difficult to narrow our choice to the 10 finalists. Reading through their stories, you’ll see that these folks exemplify all that is right with Southern Oregon. From working with youth, serving those with special needs, or helping seniors, our finalists demonstrate that there is considerable need in our community, and people like you and I can make a difference. The voting ends on March 24th and the winners will be recognized at our Annual Meeting on Tuesday, March 27th. Please come join the celebration of the credit union difference and the amazing things that folks are doing to make Southern Oregon a better place to live!

If this message inspires you to find volunteer opportunities, follow the link to start making a difference today. Also, below is a list of some of the volunteer projects that the Rogue Federal team will be taking on throughout 2012. You are welcome to join us as our staff and volunteers work to do their part in building a better community... our very own Rogue Federal Community Builders!!

Volunteer opportunities that Rogue Federal will be involved in for 2012:

ACCESS Food Repack: April 28th and October 20th
Time: 9am – 1pm
Location: 3630 Aviation Way

ACCESS has a food program that supplies food to families in need in the Rogue Valley. Rogue employees will be working on an assembly line, putting together food packages that will be later shipped out to people in need.

Grants Pass Letter Carriers Food Drive: May 12
Time: 11am – 4pm
Location: Grants Pass

Come out and help the Grants Pass Branch Stamp out Hunger in Josephine County. The Rogue Federal team will be helping to sort food as the Letter Carriers bring in food from their routes. This is a fun event that helps our community for many months.

United Way Day of Caring: May 19
Time and location to be determined.

Movies in the Park: June – September in Medford

Habitat for Humanity: November – December
We will be wrapping gifts at the mall.

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