Back to School... the Rogue Federal Way

Back to School... the Rogue Federal Way

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As many of you know we have four student branches at Rogue. Starting with our first branch in South Medford High School in 1992, we have expanded to Ashland High School, Eagle Point High School, and added North Medford High School last year. The branches provide a great opportunity for our credit union to reach out to our youth and the folks that are responsible for Rogue being here today... teachers and staff. Yes, Rogue was founded in 1956 by a group of dedicated teachers joining together to help each other out.

The students are hired during the summer and work at Rogue training on our systems, products, and service culture. Then during the school year they run the student branches. A student manager is selected for each branch and we are fortunate to keep many of these students working for us for two to three years of their high school career. The student branches are normally open during the lunch hour and sometimes after school. This is a great opportunity for the students to get a head start on learning valuable skills that will help them succeed as they go on to college and begin their chosen career.

So, why the blog topic? I was fortunate to enjoy Back to School the Rogue Federal Way this week. I joined our student branch coordinators, student staff, and other staff that just care about kids, at the Grand Opening of the Eagle Point student branch. This was a great reminder of all the things that are right about today's youth. The entry courtyard was rocking with the beat of modern songs being played by a DJ and students were moving to the beat. The crowd was gathered to enjoy the music, our famous Umpqua Ice Cream bars and soda that were provided by our student branch staff. (Sorry, but granola and fruit just don't seem to attract the students like ice cream and soda.)

This is spirit week at Eagle Point High School and students (some staff also) were dressed in their best "Revenge of the Nerds" outfits. (I thought for a moment when I first arrived that styles in high school had gone completely bonkers...) Our student staff were wearing t-shirts that said "Ask me the ?" encouraging students to find out more about the credit union. Everyone was having a good time and I just sat back and smiled to myself thinking about what can happen when you help kids focus on positive things. The power of a positive purpose was demonstrated in full force at the Eagle Point student branch grand opening... and will be repeated three more times at South Medford, Ashland, and North Medford highs schools over the coming weeks. As a member of Rogue Credit Union I am proud of what our members are supporting in order to make Southern Oregon a better place to live!! The next time you visit one of these high schools take a moment to stop by the student branch and see what they are all about.

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