Business Money Maker Account

Business Money Maker Account

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Our Business Money Maker Accounts provide your business with a flexible, interest-bearing business account that makes it easy to access your funds. Rogue Credit Union’s Business Money Maker Account increases your company’s dividends while investing in the local economy. With a Money Maker Account, your money is constantly growing and moving forward — and your funds are always within easy reach.

Discover the benefits offered by our Business Money Maker Accounts:

  • $10 fee waived if $2,000 minimum balance is maintained
  • Allows flexibility to make deposits and withdrawals
  • Up to 6 electronic or check withdrawals per month
  • Competitive rates mean your money will multiply faster
  • Tiered rates ensure that as your balance grows, so do your dividends
  • Money is re-invested locally to help the local economy.

Rogue Credit Union’s Business Money Maker Accounts are the smarter way to save!

Have questions?  Give one of our local Member Service Representatives a call at 541.858.7328 or 800.856.7328, or stop by one of our local branches today!

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