Business Remote Deposit

Business Remote Deposit

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Rogue Credit Union will be offering our Business Members access to Remote Deposit through Online Banking begining in the 4th quarter of 2012. This will allow you to make your deposits from your home or office. We're working with local businesses to make your business banking fit your life style.

  •  Scan checks and deposit them directly into your business account from any of your offices or business locations.
  •  Make deposits any day of the year, any time, day or night.
  •  Save time, money and gas by eliminating the need to drive to a branch.
  •  Maintain a single Rogue Credit Union relationship no matter how many offices you have or where they're located.

Business Remote Deposit will work with a flatbed home scanner or all-in-one printer scanner. Check back here around September of 2012 for more information on this new product.

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