COVID-19 Stimulus Payment FAQ

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The information Rogue is receiving about the upcoming stimulus payments is evolving. We rely on information provided by This site can provide updated detailed information.

Here are some some FAQ's regarding the COVID-19 Stimulus Payments: 

Q: How will I know if/when the stimulus funds have been deposited? 

A: You can check your account history, online or through our Member Contact Center. A letter will be sent to the last known address of the taxpayer within 15 days after the payment is paid.  You can also go to for additional information.  

Q: How will I know what account the IRS will send the funds to? 

A: The IRS will use the most recent tax return to identify the receiving account. If no direct deposit information had been provided a check will be mailed to your address.

Q: How will the payment show up in my account?

A: Economic Impact Payments will appear as a standard tax refund payment by ACH (electronic deposit), to the same account referenced on your latest tax return. If you did not provide the IRS with your financial institutions, a check will be issued to your address.

Q. When will I receive my payments?

A. Financial Institutions anticipate payments to start disbursement as early as 1/4/2021, however Rogue will not have the details of who and when, until funds are received from the government. Current information provided is that the payments will be sent in phases from the IRS.

Q: What happens if I don't receive my expected payment?

A. You will need to contact the IRS or your tax advisor

Q. What if stimulus is goes into the wrong account?

A. Rogue will be posting the funds as directed by the IRS. If there has been a change in your  tax filing you will need to update the IRS. Rogue cannot change deposit information received from the IRS. These are legal changes that must be worked directly with your attorney, tax accountant or the IRS.