What Is Your Personal Finance Hack?


Making resolutions to improve your financial situation is a good thing to do at any time of year but most find it easier when starting in the beginning of a new year. Regardless when it feels right to start, the basics will always remain the same. Here are some tips from our Rogue team to help you get ahead financially.

  • Camping Out = Cashing In!

    “When we go camping with friends, I always bring our green recycle bags for cans and bottles. I usually can cash in on $50 of something that would otherwise be thrown into the garbage, and end covering my camping fees! I also use ‘unpaper towels’ and never buy napkins or paper towels. I not only help the environment but also my wallet.”

    – Bonnie G., Employee Services


  • 401K Contributions – Small Steps

“I am a believer in slow and steady/small steps set you up for success. I love the enthusiasm from employees when talking about starting their retirement contributions. I encourage people to start with the minimum to get at least the employer match, then wait. Give it a couple of months. When you have a couple of months with discretionary income, increase your contribution by 1%.  And then wait again. Evaluate a couple of months later and increase incrementally.”

– Sarah L., Investment Services


“Every year at ‘raise time’ I bump up my contribution a little, that way it really does not effect my budget and it is done right away, so I do not even have a chance to miss it.”

– Kendal H., Consumer Lending


  • Give me the Costco Size, Please!

    “I always buy items that are perpetual needs, and don't spoil or expire, in bulk- items like toilet paper, laundry detergent, aluminum foil, etc. This can be challenging if you're short on storage space, but it’s worth it if you can- the small amount you save buying in bulk really does add up over time.  Another bonus to that is when something suddenly becomes a hot commodity, like toilet paper early in the pandemic, you're far less likely to be affected by the shortage or subsequent price gouging.”

    – Brittney S., Project Management


  • Learn from the Best in the Biz

    “I follow multiple couponer accounts on Instagram, but I know they have accounts across all social media platforms (Tik Tok, Facebook, etc.). The couponers spend a lot of time researching deals and post the best deals on their social media accounts. They provide you with all the information you need (coupon code, website/store location, etc.) making it super easy to get the deal. I've gotten quite a few free items and discounted (50-70% off) name brand items!”

    – Emily N., Fraud


  • Average is the Answer

“I use bill pay to set up automatic payments on payday. This is done for bills that are the same each month and if they are not I see if the company can do level pay which means they will average the bill over the past year and make it so that you are billed the same each month. It’s a great way to ensure you pay your bills first before spending on other items.”

– Torie R., Business Services