Meet Your Team

Meet your team

Name: Amy Underwood

  • Branch: Downtown Grants Pass
  • Position: Branch Manager
  • Length of Employment at Rogue: 7 years
  • Hometown: Rogue River, Oregon


Do you have a favorite quote? Author? “When kindness is your compass, you will find guidance to the right path in this life and the next.” ― Stewart Stafford

How has Rogue helped you in your career development? Rogue has helped my career development with the opportunity to attend Rogue Management School, a two-year course to strengthen leadership skills. Rogue encouraged me to go to college to get my Bachelor of Science Business Administration, Management degree.

Favorite travel spot? I love to spend time on the Oregon Coast.

What are 3 words to describe Rogue? Nurturing, Motivating, Rewarding.