Gene's Note: Giving Back

Last month I shared a message of hope, as I was inspired by our community and all that is happening around us. People are coming together to create a sense of community that is stronger than ever, sharing resources and offering hope during these uncertain times. When I talked, you listened, and some of you were even spurred to action. In fact, I received an email from a longtime member-owner, asking me how she could give back to those who were in need. As a trusted community institution, she looked to the credit union for advice on where she could give to support those who need help meeting critical basic needs. Her desire to help others encouraged me to share the message of giving back to each and every one of you.

While I could not offer her direct donation from her account to another member-owner, I was able to direct her to two of the Rogue Valley’s local non-profits assisting hundreds of families through their COVID-19 relief funds. Many organizations and churches provide ways to donate as well as receive assistance.

Another message I would like to share is one shared with me from a Rogue team member. She was gathering information for our regional resource lists in our COVID-19 Blog and her dad saw her efforts, and then asked how he could help. Although he lives on a fixed income and is self-employed with little money coming in, he knew that there were others who needed help even more. He was so inspired he cashed his stimulus check and spent the entire amount on grocery gift cards. Our team member worked with her dad to identify friends in need of food on the table, and while doing so, he was able to support a local business. Like him, so many of us feel better when we give to others, and we end up actually getting more than those to whom we give.

If you are in a place where you can give, I would encourage you to look at our local non-profits who have specific funds for those directly affected by COVID-19 and donate to those who need it.

This is the time of the year that Rogue’s community sponsorship's and giving start blooming and event season would normally be in full force. We would be out and about expanding our volunteer efforts and offering our support throughout the communities we serve. Although we are unable to support the attendance of these gatherings due to mandatory cancellations, we are still supporting our community with financial giving and fulfilling our community commitments.

I truly enjoy the messages I receive from our members in response to these posts. Please share acts of kindness and community that you have seen in your local communities. I also appreciate suggestions for future topics. Please share with me at