Money Management Tool

Have you checked out Rogue’s Money Management tool? In Money Management, you can track all of your personal finances in one place, make budgets, and set goals. It is all the personal finance tools that you need, in one convenient location. 

To get started, log in to your Online Banking and select “Money Management” from the top menu. All of your Rogue Credit Union accounts will be added automatically. You can also add any accounts you may have with other financial institutions, so you can see everything in one spot. Once you log in, check out some of these exciting features:

Spending: The spending feature allows you to view your transactions in a simple pie chart. This feature breaks down your spending habits into categories like shopping, transportation, food and dining, so you can monitor how you are spending your money.  

Trends: The trends feature is a great way to look at how your income and expenses have changed over time. Each category is represented by an individual line and color.  

Budgets: The budgets feature is a great tool to help you create a plan for your spending. Money Management automatically creates a budget for you based on your past spending. Each bubble found in this section represents a spending category. If the bubble is red, that means you have over spent in that category. If the circle is yellow, you are close to your budget, and if the circle is green you are under your budget. The budgets feature allows you to plan your spending in a simple and intuitive way and helps you track your spending along the way.

Debts: The debts feature can help you get organized and figure out how to pay off your debt in the most efficient way. Money Management will auto populate all of your loans, including credit cards and lines of credit, from your Rogue accounts and any outside accounts you have added. Once all account information is entered, you will see your debts listed by priority. You can also see your current account balances, APR, when the final payment will be made and the amount currently due for each account. The debts feature is a great tool that gives you a holistic picture of your debt and helps you create a plan to become debt free.

Net Worth: Money Management also has useful tools to help plan for the future. You can view your net worth, goals and cash flow. Your net worth is your assets minus your liabilities (or debt), and is an essential measure of financial health. The graph shows how your net worth has changed over time. 

Goals: The goals feature helps you set and track progress towards your financial goals. Your debt payoff goals will be automatically set for you based on your accounts, but you can also add customized financial goals. You can use the slider on the left side of the screen to help you visualize your goal dates on the time line.

Cash Flow: The cash flow feature is designed to help you visualize when cash comes in and goes out each month. The graph shows your cash flow for the month and you can also view Cash Flow as a calendar.

All of these features are available through Online Banking and the Mobile App, so log in today and get started with Money Management!