Gene's Note: How To Change Your Life

How to Change the Trajectory of Your Life!

September will mark another milestone in our Student Branch program at Rogue. On September 20, we will open a community college campus branch at Umpqua Community College (UCC). This UCC Campus Branch will join our six High School Branches across Southern Oregon, and our branch on the campus of Southern Oregon University. These branches are fully operated by students, and with your support, have provided incredible training and significant career opportunities for local high school, college and now community college students in Southern Oregon. 

The new UCC branch will be a full-service branch operating in the student union inside the UCC Bookstore. This will be our third location in the Umpqua Valley. We are excited to collaborate with UCC to create employment and learning opportunities for community college students. With the success of our high school and Southern Oregon University branches, we knew the next frontier for Rogue was on the campus of a community college. I am so honored that UCC chose to partner with us on this important educational opportunity for UCC students. I am excited to have met the four bright and talented students that will be staffing the new branch. 

As I reflected on the new branch on the campus of UCC, I was reminded of how a college education changed the trajectory of my life. I really wanted to be a history teacher and coach, but my family wasn’t able to afford to help me with paying for college. However, a caring advisor encouraged me to apply for a scholarship and training program with a bank that was headquartered in Oregon at the time. This scholarship and training program set me on a path to a career in financial services that eventually led me to credit unions and the incredible opportunity to be the President/CEO of Rogue Credit Union. I could have never imagined in my wildest dreams that I would be the CEO of anything, but with a college education and a focused training program, my journey led me to Rogue Credit Union and each of you.

In a recent conversation about some of the programs available at Rogue Community College, I learned it doesn’t even take a four year degree to change the trajectory of your life. In courses as short as 8-10 weeks, our community colleges are providing the training and skills for our youth and adults to move into technical and professional jobs that provide a living wage and the skills to secure their  future. While cost is always a consideration in the pursuit of an education, I encourage you to check out just how affordable additional education can be. 

Education was the catalyst for my career, and I am so pleased to see all of the new and creative ways people are obtaining education. I have reached the point in life where I no longer consider what I know, but how much I still have to learn… and that revelation has made learning a quest for discovery. 

We are blessed with additional higher education options from the Klamath Basin to the Oregon Coast as well. So, for you, or even more importantly… those that you care about, please see how your local community college or university can help you change the trajectory of your life!