Gene's Note: Fall Traditions

Fall is in full swing in Southern Oregon. Crisp mornings, changing leaves and all things pumpkin spice are upon us. My wife and I just drove through the backroads of the Applegate Valley and witnessed the beauty of our changing seasons. Trees with bright red, orange, and yellow leaves surrounded us on our drive. At one point, a gust of wind caught the leaves and we were literally driving through a cloud of leaves. My wife reminded me of standing below big trees on windy day in the fall and the tradition of letting the leaves fall all around us. Take a moment before all the leaves have fallen, to step outside and appreciate the beauty that surrounds us in Southern Oregon. 

Traditions help form the structure and foundations of our families and communities. They connect us with our past, shape who we are today and pave a path towards the future. We take joy in celebrating long-held traditions and starting new ones.

At Rogue, we’re proud to celebrate a 63-year tradition of giving back to our communities. Being an active, engaged partner in the community was an important piece of our founder’s vision and is part of the rich history of the credit union.

Part of honoring our history of giving back allows us to start new traditions. My new favorite Rogue tradition is Give & Save! This is the second year of this program, where we have the opportunity to partner with our members in supporting our communities. With Give & Save, Rogue members donated to our local Children’s Miracle Network (CMN) hospitals through our Credit Unions for Kids program, which allowed them to transfer up to $500 into their high-yield Ownership Accounts when they donated at least $10.

While we know we have some generous members, they blew us away with their support. This year, we’ll donate over $60,000 to local CMN hospitals through our Credit Unions for Kids Give & Save program! In addition, our members transferred over $1.8 million into their high-yield Ownership Accounts – building up their savings! We’re so thankful that our members wholeheartedly join with us in living, giving and supporting local. 

I’d love to hear from you – what’s your favorite tradition? You can share them with me at