My Experience as a Student Teller at Rogue

When I leave for college this September, I will have been a student teller for Rogue Credit Union for two years and I have loved every day of it. Most days I get up and go to school, and during lunch I work in the student branch. The other student and I will help classmates and teachers during the lunch period with things like withdrawals or paycheck deposits. Then after school, I head to either the Downtown Ashland or South Ashland branch. I’m a senior this year, so I can get out of school at around 2 o’clock, which makes it easy for me to stop off at home, change, and then drive to the branch. I work on the front line until close, often replacing other tellers so they can get home a little earlier if they need to.

            Throughout my two years here I have learned so much, and I am incredibly thankful for the experience. In high school there isn’t much education around financial literacy, so being able to work in a financial institution like Rogue has allowed me to bolster my personal knowledge. I have also learned how to be a kind and competent service provider. I think that most people might be intimidated by working at a financial institution because of all of the math, but I actually think that being able to provide good member service is more important especially with people that could be in distress financially. I have learned a lot at Rogue, this is just part of the knowledge and experience that this job has given me, and I know that I will take this knowledge with me wherever I end up going in my life.