Meet Your Team

Ty Reynolds

Length of Employment at Rogue: 5 years

Hometown:  Yreka, CA

About Me: I enjoy spending time with family, hiking, camping and traveling.

Before working at Rogue, what was the most unusual or interesting job you’ve ever had?

I would have to say the summer that I spent doing road construction for Cal Trans while in high school.  While directing traffic and stopping cars, I got to meet interesting people from all over the world.  

Best vacation you’ve ever taken?

My trip with my family and two others to Los Barriles, Mexico. We went there during Halloween and got to experience it with family that owned the house we were staying at.  It was a very unique experience. 

If you could be anyone from any time period, who would it be and why?

Anyone from Apollo 11.  To be the first person on the moon must have been amazing.