Gene's Note: We Did it Again!

During the holiday season it is a tradition to give gifts to your family and friends. I am thrilled to share with you that our Board of Directors was able to give a gift to our members this year. Because of the tremendous support of Rogue’s members and our strong financial standing, your Board has decided to make the holidays just a little brighter for our members with a $4 million Loyalty Dividend!

While many members will use this extra holiday cheer to help with gifts for the holidays, we are offering a special incentive for you to keep the funds in your Ownership Account this year. Effective December 1st we raised the dividend rate to 4.00% APY on your Ownership Account!

This dividend and special rate represent so much more than a deposit in your account. It represents your decision to actively participate in your local financial cooperative. As a member, you’re an owner, and that means that we get to share our success with YOU! At Rogue, your membership truly is more than just an auto loan or a checking account. You’re part of something bigger, and by joining together, we’re all working to improve the financial lives of our friends and neighbors.            

I am honored to serve you and I want to express my heartfelt thanks to YOU! Your unwavering commitment to the credit union has made this special Loyalty Dividend possible. Due to the credit union’s financial soundness and the Board of Director’s strong leadership, we get to share the credit union’s success with you! In addition to the Loyalty Dividend your credit union has shared over $2 million in Member Rewards with our members so far this year! With the Loyalty Dividend and Member Rewards, our members will receive over $6 million in 2018 simply by actively using your credit union!

You can find more information about Rogue’s Loyalty Dividend, or the other ways we’re rewarding members for their loyalty here.

Happy Holidays!