Gene's Note: The Heart of Rogue

I am fortunate to get a few days in the summer to escape from the office on vacation. It is during the quiet times when I am away that I think about the amazing things our team has done over the last few years. They have added new branches, welcomed an incredible number of new members, and introduced popular new Benefits of Ownership, like Save the Change. I am often asked by other business leaders what are the secrets to Rogue’s success. Many cannot believe it when I tell them that Rogue’s success is a direct result of focusing on doing what is right for our members. From a foundation of doing what is in the best interest of YOU, we work to demonstrate care and concern for our members in everything we do.

Our Rogue team members are the heart of our organization. They know that when we, as an organization, truly take care for YOU, our member-owners, great things happen. I regularly have the privilege of hearing stories of how some of these amazing team members have stepped up to help members in their time of need; sometimes when no one else would. In fact, I recently received a touching voicemail from a member who had an exceptional experience with one of our loan underwriters, Kendal Henry.

“I would really like to give some praise to Rogue Credit Union and Kendal for helping me to purchase a newer-to-me car. It gives me my freedom and a sense of pride,” said the member. “I want to say thank you for your efforts and willingness to work with me, and taking a chance on a guy who has been through the ringer several times.”

In listening to this voicemail, it’s clear that this was about much more than a new car for this member. You could hear that Kendal did more than simply process the transaction – she put herself in the member’s shoes. It was not just another loan request- it was a request for a second chance. What surprised the member the most was that he received his second chance on a weekend, in just a couple of hours. Rogue and Kendal were there for a member when he needed us most.

As Rogue continues to grow, I promise you that our focus will not change. Our team is committed to creating exceptional experiences that create impacting stories like this one. I assure you that we are working each day to build member focused technology solutions, and provide products and services that not only serve you, but also empower you to meet your financial dreams!

Thanks for joining Kendal and the rest of our Rogue team on this incredible journey.