Gene's Note: A Celebration of Our Rogue Team

At Rogue, we focus on three primary strategic objective; take care of our members, take care of our staff members, and be financially sound.  While I normally talk about what we are doing to take care of you, our members, there were some recent opportunities that reminded me just how fortunate I am to work for an organization of incredibly talented staff, that are first and foremost, just really good people. Our team members work hard to provide the service you desire, to be contributors to our communities, and build strong families.  

In early April, I visited our Coast branches to catch up with our Coast team members. I get to make this trip a couple of times a year, but this trip was a bit more special. First, I had the opportunity to celebrate the remodel of our Brookings Branch. It was fun to celebrate with the branch on their recent success as the highest performing branch on our prime service score. You could just see their pride of accomplishment and the energy the staff was feeling because of their recent success.

Next, I visited our Harbor Branch and Gold Beach Branch. Once again, I saw smiles and sensed an energy that was captivating. When I got to Port Orford, I was surprised that I had to drive around the block to find a parking space! With the closure of the Umpqua Bank Branch in Port Orford, this once sleepy little branch has become the community lifeline for financial services. The Port Orford staff was excited to share with me on how they were exceeding their goals, and happy about the recently hired staff that would soon be joining their team.

My day finished on a high note when I stopped by our Bandon Branch, and was greeted with smiles for miles. Two of their staff members had recently received promotions and the team was excited to celebrate their accomplishments. You could truly feel the sense of pride that the team has for each other. I walked away encouraged by how much our teams truly care for each other, and how their focus on taking care of our members is creating valuable career opportunities.

Then the following week, I stopped by to visit our newest branch, the South Ashland Branch, the day before it opened. Our Ashland team was working hard to ensure that finishing touches were complete, and making sure the branch was ready for you. Just like the remodeled Brookings branch, our South Ashland team was proud of their new facility and excited about sharing it with our members. It is a beautiful new facility that offers more parking, and our long awaited drive-up Express Teller Machines.

At each stop along the way of my Coast visit, I saw the creative ways that our teams were fundraising for Credit Unions for Kids. Whether it was a raffle for a fishing rod and reel in Gold Beach, or incredibly delicious home baked goods at several locations, our teams were creating excitement around this phenomenal children’s charity. I am always proud to see how our members respond to our staff members’ efforts to ensure children receive the high quality medical care they need through the Credit Unions for Kids charity. Thank you for your generosity!

Speaking of our staff and community outreach efforts, I had the opportunity to join over 50 staff members and their families for Rogue’s entry in the Pear Blossom Festival Parade. Many staff members brought their entire families to be a part of the parade; we had children in strollers, wagons or walking with their parents handing out candy to those along the parade route I am always humbled that our staff takes personal time to be a part of this important annual celebration of all that is good in the Rogue Valley. It was fun to see Rogue’s family together on this special day for our community. While they not only walk a mile in a parade or community event, they also give back to the community in their free time in others ways by volunteering over 10,000 hours annually of their time to their local communities.. These are good people, doing good work, to make Southern Oregon a great place to live.

Finally, I am humbled by our recent recognition as the #3 best Large Company to Work for in Oregon. This recognition is determined by the completion of an anonymous survey by our staff members. As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, one of our three primary strategic objectives is to take care of our staff. One of the measurements of how well we are doing are surveys like this. I am a firm believer that if we take care of our staff, that they will work hard to take care of our members. When that happens, the organization experiences a special kind of success that is bigger than financial results…it is a success that is created by winning the hearts and minds of all we serve!