Gene's Note: Transparency at Rogue's Annual Meeting

One of the unique aspects of credit unions is its cooperative structure. Every member is an owner, and every owner has an equal voice. One way we are able to personally engage with our member-owners is at our Annual Meeting.

Each March, at the Annual Meeting, we invite our member-owners to join us as we share the state of YOUR credit union and the Board of Director’s vision for the future. I truly enjoy this opportunity to connect with our members, recap the credit union’s success over the past year, and look toward the future.

At this year’s Annual Meeting, I had the chance to connect with many of our loyal members. Each year, I treasure the heartwarming stories I hear from members who have done business with Rogue for years. It was fun to talk to members that had traveled from as far away as Prospect and Bandon. I had the opportunity to meet a new member that had recently moved from Maryland. This Member was a retired teacher that was a long-time Member of his teacher’s credit union in Maryland and he chose Rogue as his Oregon credit union. I also got to personally thank a member who was unable to pay his loan 9 years ago, but just a few months ago he was finally able to pay us $17,000 back in full. It was an honor to see his pride when we discussed how he was finally able to fulfill his original promise to Rogue. I was also able to personally meet a Member I had recently talked to on the phone about the great service he received from our staff. I was such a special treat that he made the trip to our Annual Meeting to meet me.

Meeting our members and hearing their stories about what the credit union means to them is the best part of my job. Knowing that the credit union is more than an auto loan or a savings account to our members is a great reminder. It is a reminder that for many of our members Rogue is about being part of something bigger… part of something where together we are better and together we can make our Community a better place for all of us to live.

Your credit union has enjoyed considerable success over the last several years because of your loyalty and commitment to being part of the Rogue Credit Union family. You should have recently received in the mail a Rogue Credit Union Annual Report. The report outlines our community impact and our results for the year. I hope that after reviewing this report you are as pleased as I am about the progress we are making. 

As I reflect back on our theme this year of Rogue’s Legacy of Loyalty I am honored by our member’s trust and participation. We are celebrating 10 years of our commitment to our loyalty focus – which at Rogue, means consistently focusing on doing what is right for YOU, our loyal member-owners. Rogue’s Legacy of Loyalty is grounded in serving our local communities and creating strong, trusted relationships with our members. While many financial service providers serving Southern Oregon are reducing hours, limiting services, closing drive-ups, and even closing branches we are continuing to invest in Southern Oregon. I am excited to announce that our latest investment, our second full service Ashland branch will be opening this month. And our investment doesn’t stop there… we are constantly working to bring you more convenience through Improved technology solutions.

Thank you for being part of something very special… YOUR local credit union. I am so excited to be part of such a Member focused organization. It is an honor to serve you and I encourage you as a member-owner of the credit union to actively engage in YOUR credit union and join us at next year’s Annual Meeting! Remember, this is YOUR credit union and ownership can be rewarding!