Gene's Note: Rogue Rewards Loyalty Program

Over the 30 plus years of my career in the credit union movement, the passion I have for the credit union difference has never dimmed. I still get excited over the unique ownership structure that allows us to focus on doing what’s right for our members and the communities we serve.  As our teams know well, “when you take care of the member, everything else takes care of itself.”

As a member-owner of YOUR credit union, there are many benefits of ownership that you enjoy. From personalized service to lower rates on loans, we’re always working to find ways to return value to YOU, our loyal member-owners.

One of the newest and most innovative ways that we’re returning value to our members is through the Rogue Rewards Loyalty Program. These Rogue Rewards Loyalty Programs, like Save the Change or the 1% VISA Platinum Cash Back, allow members to earn money into their high-yield Ownership Accounts. I’m excited to report that in 2017, our members were able to save over $1 million through our Save the Change program. In addition, Rogue members earned nearly $1.2 million in additional rewards from programs like our Visa 1% Cash Back and our Save the Change match. That’s $2.2 million that our members are using to start emergency funds, save for vacations or to simply strengthen their finances.

The Rogue Rewards Loyalty Program is designed to thank and reward YOU, our member-owners, for your loyalty and active participation in the Credit Union. At Rogue, your membership means more than just having an auto loan or a checking account. Actively engaging in your local financial cooperative is about being a part of something bigger. By joining together, we’re all working to improve the financial lives of our friends and neighbors, right here in Southern Oregon.

So, THANK YOU for your continued support of the Credit Union. We’re excited to continue to develop Rogue Rewards Loyalty Programs that return value to our members. The best way to continue to strengthen the value of our cooperative is to share with your friends and family the Rogue Credit Union difference!