Loyalty Builds Relationships

Rogue Credit Union’s vision is “the most loyal members in the nation.” Rogue’s mission is “providing exceptional experiences that build mutually beneficial relationships.” Our vision and mission are at the heart of every decision we make for our members. Our vision and mission drives us to consistently create exceptional experiences for our members. As a member-owned financial cooperative, we focus on making decisions that are mutually beneficial to the members we serve and for the credit union as a whole.


Our loyalty focus keeps member relationships at the forefront, provides a consistent framework for our decision making and conveys strategic clarity to all Rogue team members contributing to a positive work environment. Happy Rogue team members makes for happy members.


Rogue’s Service Promises are a big deal to each Rogue team member. These are the promises that we commit to consistently and deliver to our member-owners, as well as to each other. These promises include being friendly, helpful and enthusiastic, providing prompt and accurate service, delivering member focused solutions, demonstrating ownership and follow-through, and showing appreciation for our members’ business. We demonstrate these Service Promises to our member-owners as well as internally with Rogue team members. This is a strong part of our culture.


In addition to Rogue’s Service Promises, we live by our organization’s Guiding Values which include, members are our focus, loyalty and integrity are paramount, employees and volunteers are respected, community involvement is essential and financial soundness is fundamental. Trust is the greatest currency we hold as an organization. Our members tell us regularly how much they trust Rogue based on years of experience with us. We don’t take this for granted. Just like in any relationship, sometimes unintentional mistakes are made. When this happens, not only do we commit to make it right, but we commit to learn from the mistake and improve the experience for the future. We know how important trust is in our member relationships.


We have a frequent saying around Rogue, “every member, every moment.” When we focus on doing the right things for the right reasons, our members want to deepen their participation with Rogue and recommend us to their friends, family and co-workers. As a result, Rogue has been growing over three times the national credit union growth rate over the last four years. The more our member-owners participate with their credit union, the more successful Rogue is, which in turn allows us to continue to share Rogue’s success with our member-owners through increased benefits of ownership (https://www.roguecu.org/ownership). As an incredible result our members’ participation and loyalty, in 2017, Rogue was awarded the distinction of being the Best Financial Institution in Southern Oregon by the Mail Tribune Reader’s Choice awards for the ninth consecutive year in a row. We have our members to thank for this.


After over 60 years as a local, trusted financial cooperative, we are confident that our dedicated loyalty focus builds strong relationships with our member-owners. We will continue to focus on what drives loyalty, doing the right thing for our members, and protecting the trust of our membership and the communities we faithfully serve.