Gene's Note: What Makes Credit Unions Different

Here at Rogue, we have always been a little different in the way we approach our commitments to our members and our community.  As a credit union, we focus on creating value for our members instead of working to profit from our members. Our not-for-profit financial cooperative model has been a hallmark that has resulted in one of the best sustained member affiliation rates in the country. Each month when I visit with new staff members, I encourage them to treat each member that they serve like they “own the place,” because you do!

Over 120,000 member-owners form the foundation that provides member focused financial solutions to fit the needs of members living in Southern Oregon. Our community based Board of Directors with representatives from Ashland, Medford, Grants Pass, Brookings-Harbor, and Roseburg live in the communities that we serve. They know the unique challenges and opportunities of our market that a Board Member from Portland, Seattle, or some other major metropolitan area just simply can’t understand. Our Board has one driving purpose and that is to ensure that the citizens of Southern Oregon have a trusted local financial services provider that builds loyalty through member focused financial solutions.

With the rapid decline of community financial institutions, we are proud that Rogue Credit Union has not only survived, but has thrived since the financial crisis. In January, we celebrated the 5th anniversary of bringing the staff and members of Chetco Federal Credit Union into the Rogue Credit Union family. This partnership has resulted in building a stronger more resilient credit union to serve our members. While we may not always have the highest deposit rates or the lowest loan rates, we are better than most, and our dedicated Board has worked to ensure that Rogue has created a sustainable service model. A service model that is not at risk of the mergers and acquisitions that we have seen from so many other financial service providers serving this market.

So, thank you for your loyal support of YOUR credit union. Please continue to share the Rogue difference with your friends, family members, and co-workers when they are looking for a local financial services provider that is focused on serving Southern Oregon. While we will have more information in our March newsletter, I want to make sure that you have our Annual Meeting* on your calendar. Please join us on Tuesday March 20th at our Administrative Building on Center Drive in Medford to celebrate the credit union difference. This is a great opportunity to share in the power of the credit union not-for-profit financial cooperative model. We will share our financial and organizational results and discuss some exciting developments for 2018, like an updated website, additional branches, and the ongoing evolution of our technology solutions.

Please join us in March to celebrate the credit union difference!


*For more information on our Annual Meeting please visit