The Beginning of the year

January, the first month of a new year! The beginning of the year presents an opportunity to start anew, to right the ship and kick off a new you. Well, all the wonder and excitement is real and really important, but let me shed some light on the January of my world. To get a full view, we need to back up a month.

Yes, let’s get back to the blissful month of December, with all the holiday magic in the air. Songs of the season ringing in tidings and joy, it all reminds me of a pizza. A “pizza” you ask? Yes, December is like a giant pizza, your favorite kind. You lovingly craft every bit of it, and for nearly 31 days you have relished the idea of it! Then it’s finally done, fresh out of the oven. Even though you know that it’s molten hot, the temptation is too great, and there you are with a massive bite and a mouth on fire.

This is January. The month of 3rd degree burns to your budget and steaming pile of regret for your lack of self-control. If this mental image is uncomfortably familiar, I have good news. You and your finances are amongst friends. 

Here in the Member Solutions Department, we do fully understand the “pizza” phenomenon. Here are a few ideas to help regain peace and financial healing in your household:

1. Put some ice on it! – It’s important to stop the trauma. Give the credit cards and your wallet a rest. Don’t dig the hole deeper. It is impossible to get out of debt by borrowing more.

2. Assess the damage – Take a deep look at where you are financially and what it will take to ease the burden of overspending.         

3. Make a plan – Get creative. Have fun with it. Challenge yourself to find ways to save and use those wins to gain momentum, such as Rogue’s Save the Change program.

4. Make the call – If you find yourself financially drowning, this is the single most important step. Rogue is here for YOU, our member!! Whether it be because of your own doing, or a catastrophic event, our Member Solutions counselors are happy to work with you. We want you to be financially successful and we have many ways we can help.

Here are a few words from our Counselors:

“As a Counselor on the Member Solutions Team I have an opportunity to impact our members in a positive way. I want members to walk away feeling that we have added value to their life. Maybe this means helping them with a balanced budget, helping to rebuild their credit or in extreme cases, working out repayment plans with Rogue.” – Stephanie Frodge, Counselor

Counselor Chloe Christiansen, recently had a member say of her, “I really appreciate you being a sweetheart and dealing with me directly when I have questions. What may seem minor to you or just doing your job, actually means a lot to me.”

Assistant Manager Mayra Cano urges members to reach out. “Communication can solve many problems. Without communication, you may be unaware of all the solutions that we can offer to help you get back on track.”

“I always strive to help our members in difficult situations. I want to make sure that members understand that debt does not define you. Your situation can be temporary. If you seek our help, there are a variety of options we have.” – Jillian Marks, Counselor

It is my sincere desire that you never find yourself in a financial hardship, but this does happen. Rogue’s Member Solutions Team can offer financial guidance and help you find financial peace. Rogue’s success comes from focusing on providing our members with exceptional experiences and service from the heart. I believe that understanding that we all experience our own form of “pizza” moments sets our Member Solutions Department apart from other financial institutions. Every member matters, in every moment.

- Liane Caughie, Asset Protection Manager