Gene's Note: Living, Giving, and Supporting Local

As we ring in 2018 and all of the excitement it brings, I would like to take this opportunity to look back at all YOUR credit union has achieved in 2017.  Rogue was fortunate to continue our pursuit of delivering member focused service to our members over the last year. With the opening of our newest branches in South Grants Pass and West Roseburg, the new Express Teller drive-up in West Medford, expanding our Express Teller drive-up hours, and the opening of our new larger location in Central Point, our team was focused on creating even greater service and value for our members over the last year.

In addition, I have heard from many members on how our new Save the Change program has helped them create a savings habit that they are proud of. It continues to amaze me with how our communities have embraced our credit union, which provides us the opportunity to expand our branch locations, while many other institutions are reducing hours or closing branches.  What excites me even more is how your loyal support has provided YOUR credit union the opportunity to make a significant impact on the communities that we serve. While many companies return excess profits to just their stockholders, we have the opportunity to share excess earnings with each of our member/owners through expanded services. We also share these excess earnings with our communities through a variety of community outreach activities. 

In 2017, through a focus on living, giving and supporting local and your loyal membership, Rogue gave over $225,000 back to our communities. Our team developed an exciting new opportunity to support local with our new Give the Change program. Through this program, our loyal members raised over $11,000 by donating their spare change. With your donations and Rogue’s match, we were able to donate over $22,000 to local schools. I am most excited to share that our employees demonstrated their commitment to our communities by donating over 10,000 volunteer hours to a variety charities and community service organizations in 2017. 

It is an exciting time to be a member of Rogue Credit Union and that excitement will continue in 2018. Through the ongoing efforts of our dedicated staff, we will open an additional branch in South Ashland, update our Brookings and Harbor facilities, and welcome our new Rogue Rangers youth program. We also have a few other “projects” on our list as we continue to focus on building a credit union that you can be proud to say, “that is my credit union!”

After over 30 years of working in credit unions, I still am proud to say that one of the best benefits of being a credit union member is about being a part of something bigger. Being a member is about so much more than a checking account or auto loan; it is about joining together with others to ensure that you have a locally owned financial cooperative that focuses on creating value for you and for our communities! Southern Oregon is a better place to live because of your commitment to being a part of something bigger... a part of an organization focused on living, giving, and supporting local!

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