Gene's Note: Big Enough to Matter, Small Enough to Care

Here at Rogue, we take personal pride and responsibility in taking care of our members with financial services and solutions that are honest and that have our members’ best interest as the focus! A member recently shared a concerning, yet unfortunately common situation with me through our Ask Gene email that I wanted to share with you. This local member is a proud father of an ambitious and highly responsible college student, who recently experienced a sequence of very unfortunate events regarding his VISA credit card with a large national credit card provider.  

In preparation for a coming due card payment, the student did the responsible thing and processed his VISA payment nearly a week in advance of its actual due date. However, as too often happens, there had to be a first event to kick off the number of other unfortunate events that would soon follow. And so, as the student was traveling home for a weekend visit to his family, he stopped to fuel his vehicle to continue on his journey home. While at the gas station, his card was declined – regardless of the confirmation of payment he had received by the large national credit card provider. Soon after making his payment the student was left high and dry to rely on others for payment in lieu of this denied card.

The story continues with other similar, yet increasingly aggravating events over a span of ELEVEN DAYS in which the student’s card was repeatedly declined despite the confirmed payment he had already made. Intertwined within these episodes of card failures were several efforts on both the student and his father’s part to address and find solutions to the issue at hand, with the staff at the large national credit card provider just passing the student from department to department, resulting in little to no help. The conclusion to these events may be the saddest part to the whole story; the large national credit card provider left the student and his father feeling like a number… they were too big to care! No one at the large institution demonstrated, or admitted to, the unfortunate predicament they had put this student in and no one assured him that his business mattered and that such a series of unfortunate events would never happen again.

Taking care of people requires staff members that are committed to doing the right thing for their members. While we are growing at Rogue we still work every day to make sure that we are small enough to care. The father was able to experience this level of personal member service with one of our Member Service Specialists here at Rogue who worked to verify that payment was indeed transferred to the large national credit card provider from Rogue. Furthermore, our staff member took the extra step to directly verify with the large national credit card provider that the student’s funds had finally been successfully transferred to his account. 

The father asked me to share with our members at Rogue how much he values the fact that he is able to work with local people that live in the communities we serve. He wanted me to share with you that he truly appreciates that while we might not have all the little tricks and gimmicks (oops, features of the big institutions) we have products, services and people that can be trusted to do the right thing.

The current regulatory and technology driven society that we live in requires that your credit union be big enough to matter, but my promise to you is that no matter how big we get we will always remain small enough to care! Part of being small enough to care is the ability of members to reach me and let me know what is on your mind by sending an e-mail to . If you are tired of the big institution runaround and want to work with your local credit union just drop by any of our local branches, or give us a call at 800.856.7328!