The Special Gift of Spring

I just love this time of year! Spring is the perfect reset for a dreary Winter. It is also the reward for putting up with the rain, snow and cloudy days of the last few months. I am excited for the special gifts this Spring will surprise us with after one of the wettest winters in recent memory.

As I walk through our yard I am already starting to see some of the special gifts of Spring. Whether it is a new bunch of daffodils or an azalea that has found new life, there are so many gifts to discover. These discoveries create an energy in me and our surrounding environment. Just travel to the country and watch a new lamb frolic or a new calf running across the fields kicking up its hind legs… it just makes you smile!

This is a time where we all need to smile a little bit more and I am excited that as the CEO of Rogue Credit Union I am fortunate to have so many things to smile about this Spring.

I am smiling because of how many members have chosen to “Save the Change” to “Change their Savings.” I know that I mentioned “Save the Change” in last month’s blog, but I am so excited by how many of you have taken advantage of our special gift. This new Rogue Rewards benefit is a perfect analogy to the Gifts of Spring both figuratively and literally. By planting a few cents here and there, you will see your savings blossom!

Speaking of Blossom, I have been waiting all year for the Rogue Credit Union Pear Blossom Festival(link is external). What a great way to gather together as a community to celebrate the special gifts of Spring. Southern Oregon’s special gift of our revered Pear Blossoms. We will gather as a community in a variety of events that celebrate the health and wonder of our community. Please join me and the rest of Southern Oregon on Saturday, April 8th as we culminate our celebration with the 64th annual Pear Blossom Parade.

Finally, my biggest smile for this Spring season comes from the Ashland City Council(link is external) for their understanding of and unanimous support for our new Ashland Branch. We have been serving our loyal members in Ashland in a branch that is over 30 years old. It is a great branch, but it was never designed to serve nearly 60 percent of Ashland’s residents. Our members in Ashland have faithfully supported us and it was time to provide them an additional full service location in Ashland. Several years ago we had invested in the purchase of the last available drive-up permit in Ashland and worked diligently to find a location that would provide the best value for our members and for Ashland. We found the lot and after a little detour we received unanimous support from the Ashland City Council.

Please join me in thanking the Ashland City Council for the most Special Gift of this Spring, the approval of our new branch!

Now, take the long way home tonight and stop and watch that new lamb, calf, or pony and take a moment to smile and appreciate the Special Gifts of Spring!!