Your Voice Counts

I am sitting in Washington, D.C. on November 9th, the day after the election. This message is NOT about the election, I will leave history to judge the results. However, as I sit here, I am listening to citizens discussing the results in a passionate, but civil way. I am hearing citizens express consternation, excitement, disbelief and hope. I am seeing first-hand what has made our country great... I am seeing people debate with incredible passion on how we move forward as one country. 

That is what my message is about this month. If one lesson will be learned from the election, it is that we all have a voice. We must exercise our voice through involvement with our elected officials regularly and not just the few months before an election. Then, no matter who is elected we must still stay connected with them so that our elected officials listen directly to us, our voice should guide their decisions, not some poll or political analyst. 

Your credit union has historically not taken political sides and we do not plan to do that in the future. However, we will fight to ensure that our voice is heard in order to protect your right to choose a not-for-profit financial cooperative for your banking needs. It is sad to say that the very existence of credit unions continue to be under attack by national for-profit banking interests which is why I am in our nation's capital today!

For several years we have had an employee governmental affairs committee. The committee is focused on discussing and debating the regulatory and political issues that could impact your credit union. We have invited various political leaders from all parties to discuss current issues with our staff. We have hosted City Council members to candidates for Governor to talk about their role and current issues. Our staff has found it incredibly valuable to get a non-partisan view of regulatory and political issues facing credit unions.

So, after a request by one of our Board members, we have decided to share with you, our loyal members, important regulatory and political issues that could impact your credit union. This information will be shared via email and will be non-partisan in nature. However, we may tell you about a specific candidate's position on credit union laws and regulations. While the majority of these messages will be provided by our national trade association through a national Member Activation Program (MAP), we have developed a team to evaluate each message to ensure it is appropriate for the members of Rogue Credit Union. You will have the opportunity to opt out of these messages if you choose, but I encourage you to read the messages so your voice is informed about the issues that impact YOUR credit union.

We have something special here at Rogue Credit Union and I sincerely hope that each of you will join with me in vigorously defending our not-for-profit model of cooperative financial services. Your 108,000 voices are a powerful force when we all speak as one voice!