Mutually Beneficial Relationships

At Rogue, our mission is to provide exceptional experiences that build mutually beneficial relationships, but what do we really mean by this?

As YOUR credit union, we strive to offer products and services that benefit not only our members, but also benefit Rogue as a cooperative. Our goal is to remain a strong and financially sound credit union that continues to prosper and meet the needs of the communities we serve. We have the opportunity to help people in our communities by providing products and services that they need or that makes their life easier. This could be in the form of an auto loan, a first credit card, a mortgage, or a checking account with Bill Pay.  “People helping people” is at the core of credit union philosophy, and is a significant benefit of ownership.  When you do business at Rogue, your deposits actually go to work and provide the funding for another member to get a loan.

Rogue Credit Union is a cooperative.  When the cooperative does well, the member-owners benefit from it. The more member-owners participate, the more successful the credit union is. The more successful the credit union is, the more we can give back to our member-owners in the form of benefits of ownership. When we provide exceptional experiences that build mutually beneficial relationships, the credit union and the member-owners win. It is our vision of having the most loyal members in the nation that drives every Rogue staff member to deliver exceptional service to our loyal members.

Looking at the big picture, there is something else to consider. When deciding to provide a new product or service for a member, it can sometimes be tough to say no.  Here at Rogue, we are all about building loyalty and taking care of our member-owners, but we also have to remember that we need to build mutually beneficial relationships. The entire credit union is counting on us to make good credit decisions and responsible risk management on their behalf. If a credit decision would not benefit the membership as a whole, or could put the credit union at risk for a financial loss, or we believe it will put the member in a tough spot, we sometimes have to say “not yet.” We need to do everything we can to maintain financial stability and protect our member’s trust, as well as ensure that we can serve the members of our community for the long run. It is our responsibility and privilege to educate and encourage our members, and help them reach their financial goals, while protecting the cooperative. This is mutually beneficial.

At Rogue, we make decisions every day and ask ourselves, “How will this benefit the member-owners, dedicated Rogue staff, and the credit union as a whole?”  We refer to this as the win-win-win. If one of these three isn’t going to benefit, we go back to the drawing board. Building mutually beneficial relationships is at the heart of everything we do.  We appreciate your trust, loyalty and participation with YOUR credit union!