Gene's Note: My Credit Union

I have always believed in the power of ownership and connection. I have felt that power and connection more at “My Credit Union” than in any other job I have ever held. That power is reinforced for me when I talk with members and they easily proclaim ownership of their credit union when they call Rogue “My Credit Union.” Each time I hear a member call Rogue “My Credit Union” I am uplifted and feel a sense of pride. I only hope that each of you that claim Rogue is “My Credit Union” feel that same sense of pride.

The exciting part for me is that 60 years ago, a group of teachers gathered together to sign the charter application for the credit union we now call Rogue. As we celebrate 60 years of service to Southern Oregon, I am hearing Rogue Credit Union called “My Credit Union” by more people than ever. So, I thought that as we kick off the celebration of our 60th year, you would like to hear about some of those members also.

Just last week I met Ron. Ron was in our office to view a video on member loyalty that had been made for our All Staff training day. I had first heard about Ron from a voice mail message that he left to thank us for his Loyalty Dividend. We thought his message was so compelling that we wanted to play the message at the Annual Meeting for everyone in attendance to hear. Well, as technology goes, we couldn't get the message to play… so, as if it was planned (it wasn't,) Ron stood up at the Annual Meeting and said “well I can tell you what I said on the message!” He then went on to repeat the message almost word for word. So, when we decided to create the video on member loyalty, we just knew that we needed to ask Ron. The first time I viewed the video it brought a tear to my eye by seeing how thankful he was and how proud he was of “My Credit Union.”

There is also the story of Stephanie, a checker at a local grocery store. I had been hearing stories from our staff, and even some members, about Stephanie and all the good things she was sharing about Rogue Credit Union. Just use a Rogue debit card or a Rogue check and Stephanie was going to let you know how great Rogue Credit Union is. I just knew I had to meet her and thank her for all the good things she was saying about Rogue. When I asked her why she was telling everyone about Rogue, her answer was simple: “I love My Credit Union!” The fun part of this story is that we had an opportunity to have a Rogue staff member throw out the first pitch at a Medford Rogue’s game this summer. When staff asked me if I wanted to throw out the pitch, I said that we should have Stephanie do it because she is always “pitching” the credit union! Stephanie enlisted her nephew to throw the pitch for her, but she is still “pitching” the credit union whenever she gets a chance.   

Can you call Rogue Credit Union, “My Credit Union?” If you can, please send me a message and let me know why you consider Rogue “My Credit Union.” I love to hear these stories, but even more importantly, I love to share them with our staff members. Just like me, they live for the opportunity to make a positive difference in our members’ lives. Your “My Credit Union” stories help them see the positive impact of the service they provide.