Benefits of Ownership

 Here at Rogue Credit Union you are both a member and an owner! We are excited to share with you just a few of the benefits of ownership that you receive as a member-owner at Rogue.

The first benefit of ownership is personalized service, and a couple of our members have shared with us what exactly this benefit means to them. An Eagle Point member said “I have always been given fantastic service! It is always exactly what I expect and they provide me with what I need, when I need it.” And one of our South Medford members shared the following, “At Rogue, I'm not just a number, but a part of a big family. I am always greeted like you are happy to see me. I love being part of something much bigger than just me.”

People helping people is the second benefit. By doing business at Rogue, your deposits actually go to work to provide the funding for another member to get a loan!

Another benefit is that profits are returned to you, our member-owners. Profits are returned in the form of better rates and lower fees to our loyal members! In 2016, the average member saved $66 and the average household saved $125 by doing business with Rogue.

The fourth benefit of ownership, Living, Giving and Supporting Local, is especially near and dear to our hearts here at Rogue. In 2016, Rogue employees volunteered over 11,000 hours. Rogue also gave back over $200,000 right here in Southern Oregon!  This means that local dollars stay local, which has an amazing multiplying effect on our communities.

We also provide Financial Education to help our members make smart financial decisions at every age and life stage. Visit for a wide range of financial education topics and advice. You can also sign up for our monthly eNewsletter  at to stay up to date with featured financial articles, upcoming local events, blog entries from our President/CEO, Gene Pelham, and more!

Finally and most importantly, Members are our Focus! We’re here for people, not profits. Each and every decision at Rogue is made with our members in mind. Thank you, our member-owners for your loyalty and participation; it is you who makes our jobs enjoyable!