Rogue Has HEART

At Rogue Credit Union, our co-workers are like our family members.  When you consider how many hours we spend together each and every day, it’s no wonder they become part of our extended family!  We learn about each other’s children, parents, siblings, and the important events going on in each person’s life. When a family member does well, we all celebrate!  And when a family member is struggling, we are always ready to help in any way we can. 

Rogue’s employees are some of the most caring people around.  Rogue makes an intentional effort to hire employees who genuinely care about others.  We strive to hire individuals who truly want to serve our members and those who have a heart for our communities.  It’s no wonder this translates to being there for each other!

Some years ago, the Credit Union started what we call the H.E.A.R.T. Fund which stands for “Helping Employees Through Rough Times”.  The Mission of this fund is to meet the emergency needs of our Rogue Credit Union Family.  The Purpose is to help employees during times of hardship due to unexpected circumstances.  This could include groceries, utility payments, car repairs, school supplies, clothing, medical prescriptions, and the like.  The program is run by a committee of four managers and one vice president. 

Voluntary contributions are made by our employees through automatic payroll deductions.  The amount each person contributes varies, but every contribution is highly valued!  Beyond payroll deductions, special events are held over the course of the year to raise money for the H.E.A.R.T. Fund.  For example, our employees may have paid $5.00 for the privilege of wearing their jeans to work on a specific day.

We truly strive to foster “family” here at Rogue.  Part of that is our open communication corporately and individually.  The benefit is that when Rogue employees know what is happening, they are more likely to feel they are part of it, connected, and motivated to help in whatever way they can.  

Since we are all so busy with our jobs, one way we enable our staff to connect and get to know each other is by providing a number of after hours employee events.  This summer has already included several great opportunities to mingle outside of work.  Rogue Valley employees recently gathered for an evening at the Harry & David Field to cheer on our local Rogues baseball team. Families also had the opportunity to enjoy a pool party that came as a result of Rogue’s sponsorship with Medford Parks and Recreation!  Coming up this month is a coast picnic at Loeb Park up the Chetco River.  In October, all Rogue employees will come together from for a full day of sharing, learning, and connecting.

We are fortunate to have the staff we do at Rogue credit Union.  Caring about our members and each other is a way of life here at Rogue!